The Best & Worst Halloween Candy for Braces

October 5, 2023

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Two children in skeleton costumes looking in candy bucketsBraces come with a list of do’s and don’ts to ensure there aren’t any complications with your child’s treatment plan, like not chewing gum. With Halloween right around the corner, your little one won’t have to miss out on the festivities; however, their orthodontist has a few words of caution when choosing candy. 

Halloween Candy to Avoid with Braces

Your child’s orthodontist recommends avoiding sugars and starches when wearing braces to prevent cavities. Sneaking a few pieces of candy on Halloween can add delays to their treatment if you aren’t careful. Here is the worst candy for your child to eat if they have braces:

  • Hard Candy: Sucking on hard candy bathes their teeth in cavity-causing residue because they must hold it in their mouth for several minutes for it to dissolve. Crunching it isn’t any better. Not only can it break a wire or bracket, but it can fracture a tooth. The last place you want your little one to spend Halloween is at an emergency dentist.
  • Sticky Candy: Sticky candy, like taffy and caramel, is difficult to clean from teeth, even without braces. However, eating sticky candy with brackets and wires can be a recipe for disaster because they can be almost impossible to remove.
  • Sour Candy: Sour candy is loaded with sugar, which makes it very acidic. It is often sticky and can cling to their braces.
  • Nuts: Candy bars containing nuts can get stuck in their teeth and between wires and brackets. They can also damage their braces.

The Best Halloween Candy for Braces

If your child can’t resist a sweet treat, it’s best to eat chocolate. It is easy to chew and dissolves quickly, so it is less likely to linger in their mouth. It’s also softer, so it’s less damaging to their braces.

Halloween Tips for a Cavity-Free Smile

You can promote a cavity-free smile and ensure there aren’t any complications while your little one is on their orthodontic journey by following a few tips:

  • Limit Sugar Consumption: Moderate their sugar intake to reduce cavity-causing bacteria. If they have a few pieces of candy, cut back on sugary foods and drinks.
  • Eat Candy with a Meal: Have your child eat their candy with a meal because chewing increases saliva production. This will help cleanse their mouth to ensure there isn’t any sugary residue left behind.
  • Brush and Floss: Your child must brush their teeth at least twice a day. It’s best to brush after having candy, and make sure they don’t forget to floss. Halloween isn’t a time to cut corners with oral hygiene, even after a long night of trick-or-treating.

It’s okay for your trick-or-treater to have a piece or two of candy to celebrate Halloween, but don’t make it a habit. You don’t want any bad news the next time they see their orthodontist.

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