5 Back-to-School Tips for Teens with Invisalign

August 15, 2023

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Student sitting at desk in classroomA new school year is right around the corner. Besides a new backpack and shoes, something your child will be wearing clear aligners as they head back to the classroom. Your teen has started their journey to a straight smile with Invisalign. Although no one will notice their aligners, your teen can’t forget about them while they’re in school. Here are 5 back-to-school tips to help your child navigate the new school year with Invisalign.

1. Aligners Must Be Worn for 22 Hours Daily 

Your teen must commit to wearing their aligners for at least 22 hours per day, even while at school. They mustn’t forget to put their aligners in before heading to school or after lunch because it can add delays to their treatment plan. If they have a difficult time remembering to put them in, they can set reminders on their phone to keep them on track.

2. Invisalign Must Be Removed When Eating

Your child should never have anything except water while wearing their aligners. Although Invisalign is made of durable plastic, aligners can break if they are worn while eating. Not to mention, foods and drinks can stain their aligners, causing them to lose their discreteness.

3. Staying Hydrated Supports a Healthy Mouth

Encourage your teen to drink plenty of water throughout the day. It will keep their body hydrated to ensure proper saliva production. Saliva keeps their mouth clean in between brushing and flossing. Every sip will help keep their mouth moist to combat bacteria growth.

4. Always Brush After Eating

Life can get a little chaotic during the school year. However, your teeth can’t forget to brush their teeth after eating. Food residue and bacteria can get trapped between the aligners and their teeth, increasing their risk of decay, gum disease, and tooth discoloration. Create an oral hygiene kit for school with travel-sized dental products to make it easy to keep their mouth clean when they’re not at home.

5. Take Their Storage Case to School

Your child will need to take their aligners out at least a couple of times during the school day for snacks and lunch. They should carry their storage case to put their aligners in whenever they aren’t wearing them. This will prevent exposure to bacteria on surfaces and lessen the risk of losing their aligners. 

It may take your student a few days to adjust to having Invisalign at school, but in no time at all, they’ll establish new habits that will become second nature.

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