5 Tips to Prevent a Vacation Dental Emergency

July 7, 2022

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Summer is finally here, which means you can take that vacation you have been waiting for. As you pack your bags and finalize your travel plans, a dental emergency probably isn’t on your itinerary. Although you probably never expect one to happen to you, 1 in 6 Americans requires urgent dental care annually. You don’t have to let an unplanned trip to an emergency dentist ruin your vacation. Your orthodontist has 5 tips to keep you out of the dental chair. 

1. Schedule a Cleaning and Checkup

Many dental emergencies result from trauma or an accident; however, they can also be caused by an untreated oral health problem, like a cavity or fracture. You can ensure there aren’t any issues brewing in your mouth by scheduling a cleaning and checkup before you leave. Your dentist will clean your teeth and examine your mouth to look for any concerns. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your teeth and gums are healthy before heading out the door.

2. Watch What You Eat

Certain foods are known to cause chips or fractures, like meat on a bone, hard candy, or nuts. You can prevent dental emergencies by watching what you eat while you’re traveling. It is best to skip hard foods to safeguard your smile from breaks or fractures.

3. Be Careful at the Pool

If you plan to soak up the sunshine by laying out by the pool, practice proper safety rules. Slipping on a wet deck or bumping your mouth on the pool ledge can result in a broken or knocked-out tooth. Always walk on wet surfaces and never dive into shallow water. 

4. Wear an Athletic Mouthguard

If your vacation plans involve sports or activities that place you at risk of contact or injury, don’t forget to pack an athletic mouthguard. It will provide your mouth and oral structures with protection to lessen the potential for a serious dental injury. In some cases, it can even reduce your risk of concussion. Whether you plan to mountain bike, play football, or roller skate by the beach, wear a mouthguard to protect your pearly whites.

5. Stop Any Bad Habits

Dental emergencies can result from bad habits, like using your teeth to tear open peanut packages on an airplane or popping the lid off a bottle. It is best to stop any bad oral habits that can damage your smile, including chewing on inedible objects, like your fingernails. Instead, reach for a piece of sugarless gum. 

Even with the best prevention, accidents can still happen. Don’t wait until you return home to get the care you need. An emergency dentist will address your pain and save your smile, so you can get back to enjoying your summer vacation. 

About Dr. Aaron DeMaio

Dr. DeMaio earned his dental degree from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and has completed advanced education in orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. If you need an emergency dentist, don’t wait. Contact our office today to request an appointment.

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